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You hate your job – now what?

19 July 2022 | Employer Interview, Interview, Job

“Storming into the bosses office, and flinging your resignation across the desk, before storming out, is great in the movies – but not in real life..!”

So says Mark Crossfield of Bravo Coaching, who is an expert in Career Change and Career Management

On a recent Success Circles Clubhouse call, Mark shared his wisdom – and gave some great advice about what to do if you feel unhappy in your job – and what NOT to do..!


The first Foundation Step is to take control of your emotions.

It’s unlikely that this situation has happened overnight, so take a moment to pause and reflect.

If the current situation HAS been sprung upon you overnight, then it is even more important that you pause, dampen down your emotions, and take control of your next steps.  You need to be calm, calculating and rational in what you do next.

Create a 5-Step PLAN

Now is the time to activate your “Left Brain Thinking” – and to take time to analyse your situation and your options.

IMPORTANT: Don’t let this Analysis become Paralysis – follow this Five-Step Plan to set you on the road to effective change…

#First step? Don’t Panic!

If you allow Panic to drive your actions, then you are acting Emotionally, not Rationally.
I know it is hard – but this is where the PAUSE comes in. 
It doesn’t have to be a long pause of several weeks, so do take positive action to grant yourself a Pause Period – it should be a minimum of one day, and preferably no more than 7 days.
You have now created Thinking Time

#Second step? Take a decision to do something about it 💪

Now you have created the thinking time, give yourself a deadline to do something about it.

The danger here is that the emotional energy which drove you to consider action in the first place will now subside, and you will drop back into that (uncomfortable) rut. 

So give yourself an Action Deadline – and stick to it.

This is a great time to call upon the help & advice from a friend, confident or Mentor – they will not only help you to stick to your plan, they may also make suggestions in the next step…

#Third step?  Plan out what you want next,

It is important that you approach this change as a mini-project. So WRITE A PLAN.

It is important that you WRITE IT DOWN, so can continually come back to it during your Pause Period – and you can share it with your Friend or Mentor. They will be able to more easily tune in to your thinking, and offer advice in a supportive manner. 

#Fourth step? Don’t Plan to Ambush Your Manager

In my experience, Leaders can get worn down by people only coming to them with Problems. If they are worn down, then they too may react emotionally.

So when you create your Plan, be prepared to

  1. Explain your challenges rationally and unemotionally
  2. Offer up suggestions that are both helpful to you – and also helpful to the Leader and organisation
  3. (BTW – on the other side of the coin, If you are a Leader, and an employee comes to you with their problems, remember to ask them “How Can I Help”, and then invite them to offer up their ideas for improvement.

#Fifth step? Get support if you need it

Talking thinks through with others will help you make sure that your arguments are logical, compelling and helpful.  

So speak with someone like Mark Crossfield, who will be able to help you with a FREE 45-minute chat on Zoom.

What have you got to lose..?

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