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An Integrus Success Circle™ is a fully facilitated entrepreneurial mentor group with a focus on personal growth & business development – leading to CONTINUAL SUCCESS.


Professional, Ambitious and Successful
Success Circles is a diverse circle of business professionals. At our “Open Door” meetings, we have a limited number of guests.  Each Circle has a maximum of 12 members who meet every two weeks. All members agree to confidentiality within the room to ensure that information can be shared freely in the meeting.

A structured program
At Integrus our collective experience has created many inspirational and practical sessions for success in life and business. These include our unique 90-day planning, our Profit Circle, our Success Masterminding format and our targeted special interest sessions for success in life and business.

Implementation Included 
At Integrus we are passionate about implementation. So many times in the past we have gone to great inspiring sessions where we have had zero time to implement anything. Then life gets in the way and the opportunity is lost. At Success Circles, we include implementation time so that at the very least you can make a start and have a plan to implement the learning.

Inspirational Learning
The sessions always include an Inspiration Learning session, delivered by one of our Accredited Consultants or an external Keynote Speaker

Integrus Momentum Partner.

Your Integrus “Momentum Partner” will be assigned to you based on your goals and drive for growth. Your partner will provide feedback, and suggest resolutions to issues and challenges that pop up whether these are self-created or external pressures. 
We do our best to pair members based on complementary strengths. If you, for example, are strong in relationships (the Integrus GREEN profile) and you seek a breakthrough in Sales (an Integrus RED profile), we will do our best to pair you with someone whose natural style is strong in selling. Above all,  true accountability comes from yourself first. Typically, we will rotate your buddy every 90-day cycle (every quarter).


  • Create a plan for financial success
  • Mastermind your challenges in life and business
  • Find structure through mentored learning
  • Receive individual support to face your challenges

The right business moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in our Success Circle Mastermind sessions.

What’s Included In Integrus Success Circles…


Financial Success

The keys to the Success Circles approach starts with effective networking – and you will receive regular support from your colleagues in this Mastermind session to receive referrals.

PLUS training from your Circles Host about how to network inside and outside the group


Mastermind Inspiration

With the support of your colleagues in the Circle, you will be able to receive inspirational ideas from like-minded business owners just like you, in a confidential and secure setting.

All this is facilitated by your Circle Host, who is an expert on stimulating creative ideas – and having FUN in the process!


Structure & Learning

At every Success Circles session, you will learn a new hint or tip to guide your business to ultimate success.

These Learning Inspiration sessions are delivered by your Circles Host, who is an Accredited Integrus Partner so you can be assured of the highest quality.

Occasionally, your host will invite external experts along to present a specialist subject – so ensuring that you receive the latest and most topical information for you and the group.


Individual Support

One of the unique elements of the Success Circles is the 
Buddy Up segment.

Each month you will work on a 1-2-1 basis with another member of the Circle to build strong relationships, and help create and implement a powerful plan for your success.

Two heads are always better than one – right? 
So eleven other heads have got to be unbeatable!

And over the twelve-month period, you will receive the willing help, support and advice from every other member of the group.

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Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global

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What Our Clients Say

Julian has been instrumental in completely transforming the way I think about my non-profit business. He has helped me identify my mental blocks, clarify my goals and develop effective strategies for making my business work.

Susie Hurley

Meeting Facilitator at Berkshire Wellness Circle

Working with Integrus has given me access to tools and strategies that have enabled my success and empowered me to become more confident in both life and business.

Steve Jewell

Founder at Big Bear Digital

This is not just coaching, it is a group where knowledge is shared, help is provided and each member is dedicated to not only their success but that of each individual in the group. I recommend success circles to anyone and everyone.

Ami Sarai

Owner at A&S Cleaning Services

I have now identified changes to my activities which are allowing me to spend more time on the things that I love - without sacrificing my business results.

Marce Colucci

Owner at Colucci's Wines

I have now stopped using the “F-word” - and instead take inspiration every day from my Successes and my Learnings..!

Tony Hoare

Owner at CRM Direct

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