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5 Key Steps to Find Your Next Job

17 January 2023 | Career, Job

 “I love helping people to supercharge their careers and find their next job. It’s the joy of seeing those exciting next career steps and freedom from a role that was being endured but not enjoyed.”

But, and here’s the thrust of it, you don’t always need a fancy pants coach to help you. Managing your career is ultimately your own responsibility, and there’s so much you can do yourself to keep your career on track.

So says Mark Crossfield, professional Career Coach at Bravo Coaching.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help you find a job you’ll love – and you can do it yourself..! Lets get started…

Get in the right mindset

 You deserve to be in a job you love, and one that will love you back. Why put up with a job you hate or even, for that matter, one that’s mediocre. Life’s too short to compromise on your job choice. This mindset is where it all starts.

Therefore, it’s essential to believe that a better, more enjoyable opportunity is possible for you. If that’s tough for you at first, consider that your beliefs about what you can and can’t do in your career are simply a collection of thoughts you have accumulated over the years. Changing your thinking is the first step to changing your beliefs and your mindset.

If you are not feeling it yet, don’t worry. Let’s create some movement and create a vehicle for that positive mindset to manifest. We create movement when we …

 Create a mini project

It’s essential when looking at your career options to give yourself enough time to plan out what’s next. Most people are passive when it comes to their next job. You do this when we wait for somebody to mention a job you might like or waiting for an email from your favourite job site. This passive approach reduces your odds of finding a great job drastically.

Instead, set time aside time to research and find a job that will suit you and apply some strategic thinking. This, together with consistent action and a dash of persistence, is your ticket to success. It’s also how you can …

Create some options

The reason why a passive approach to job search is not advised is that you’re not in control of your options, you are simply reacting to what shows up. Instead, research the type of work you would love to do and research companies you would love to work for.

Start to create some options around

  • What roles are you interested in? Describe them and record them in a journal or career planner
  • Which organisations do you want to work in? and even,
  • What industries are attracting you right now?

Once you have started to do this, you will see that ideas and options start to manifest themselves. Contemplate these, rank them, rate and begin to get excited about what could be next for you.

 Refresh your connections

Once you have some options, it’s a good time to start talking to people about what you are interested in doing next. Your network can help you to identify opportunities beyond your horizons. Talk to them about your aspirations and what you want next in your career.

This is useful for several reasons but principally:

  • Sharing your options with close connections allows you to think through your options. Some options will seem more attractive as you describe them to others and some less so.
  • Your network can help you to talk to people in roles, organisations and industries that seek to move into
  • With such a wide reach, your network can more easily spot opportunities that will suit your options

And, finally, point 5 is …

 Get out there!

 Getting out of your comfort zone is a must. You can’t move forward in your career when you are standing still.

Create some positive movement in your career by:

  • Connecting with people that can help you
  • Getting your CV and LinkedIn profile up to date
  • Applying for jobs that closely match the options you identified
  • Preparing like a pro for your interview
  • Showing up and impressing at interviews

 There will be times when your forward momentum takes a knock, a rejection for a job you wanted or when an important connection ‘ghosts’ you. Instead of feeling dejected, remember why you are seeking a new job and think about the excitement and sense of freedom you will have when you find that job you are seeking. That’s why you need to keep going.

So, there you have it, the 5 things you need to know about a career change. I hope you have found these words helpful. To recap, to find your next job:

–       Get in the right mindset

–       Create a mini project

–       Create some options

–       Refresh your connections

–       Get out there!

Written by
Mark Crossfield – Career Coach at Bravo Coaching
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