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Having an insight into what makes you and others tick is the secret to developing a thriving business & personal life.

As you progress within Integrus you and your business will benefit from growth and the fantastic personal & peer group support as you move towards your own personal success.


This is a programme for between 10-20 people, operating within one business unit.


  1. Understand your own Leadership style
  2. Learn how to get your team working as a team
  3. Discover how your team relate to each other and could work better together
  4. Understand how to manage each person differently for maximum impact – for them and you

What’s Included In The Team Dynamics Programme…


What Colour Are You?

Every individual registers with Integrus, where they will complete a Colours assessment test. They will discover their own behaviour style, and learn how to get the most out of it.

With the Integrus detailed analysis of their own style, it is easier to learn how to interact with others to achieve their goals, how to use relationship interactions to boost key areas of the business, and how to build teams – and much, much more.

This step promotes greater understanding of the individual behaviour style for every person – and the Team Leader – who will all understand their individual leadership strengths, and know how to communicate more effectively with others.



Step 2 of the Team Dynamics programme involves the hosting of a full day, 6 hour Team Facilitation Workshop on-site at the customer premises.

The day includes the understanding of the different functions in the business, and creating an understanding of how each member can work collaboratively with their colleagues, to achieve your stated common company-wide goal.


Team Profile

This stage delivers a consolidated Team Profile which allows the Leader to decide if the balance of the team is optimal for the achievement of the overall company goals.

IN ADDITION, the Leader receives coaching and a fully detailed 1-to-1 Relationship Report, highlighting how each team member is likely to interact positively (or otherwise) with the other members of the team.



In this final stage, the focus is on you – the Leader – and the various ways that you can manage the individuals in your team.

We cover :

  • Success Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Team Management

Understand how to manage each person differently for maximum impact – for them and you.

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Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global

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What Our Clients Say

Julian has been instrumental in completely transforming the way I think about my non-profit business. He has helped me identify my mental blocks, clarify my goals and develop effective strategies for making my business work.

Susie Hurley

Meeting Facilitator at Berkshire Wellness Circle

Working with Integrus has given me access to tools and strategies that have enabled my success and empowered me to become more confident in both life and business.

Steve Jewell

Founder at Big Bear Digital

This is not just coaching, it is a group where knowledge is shared, help is provided and each member is dedicated to not only their success but that of each individual in the group. I recommend success circles to anyone and everyone.

Ami Sarai

Owner at A&S Cleaning Services

I have now identified changes to my activities which are allowing me to spend more time on the things that I love - without sacrificing my business results.

Marce Colucci

Owner at Colucci's Wines

I have now stopped using the “F-word” - and instead take inspiration every day from my Successes and my Learnings..!

Tony Hoare

Owner at CRM Direct

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