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What mask do you wear?

22 December 2020 | Authenticity, Debbi Gantt, Emotions

Keep your mask with you everywhere you go.

Just in case – wear it so you do not show.

Fearful to show the true you.

Scared of what others will do.

Revealing the mask slowly only to hope they love the real you.

As we approach Halloween this year, it is interesting to think about masks. Most of us have been protective of wearing masks for several months now. But in reality, most people have been wearing emotional masks their entire life. 

Emotional masks help hide insecurities such as fear, anger, and shame. I add that our greatest mask is that of our own magnificence. If we show our true authentic, awesome selves, what if the world rejects us? Yet, this is what we are created to do.

Reasons to shed the mask

  1. Harmony. We are born so that we can learn to live out our potential. We did not have masks at birth but the expectations and judgments from others made us put on our mask. In the workplace, numerous people may have the same or better skill sets. However, no one can bring the same personality, creativeness or enthusiasm to what you do. If we retain our masks for the sake of others, we also lose out in the end. We become stressed, fearful or even resentful. Shed the mask and life becomes harmonious.
  2. Exhaustion. We believe the masks help hide our true identity but it is exhausting being someone we are not. Remove the mask and live your authentic life. In the long run, it is less stressful and will bring you the joy and peace you seek.
  3. Repair and healing. When we wear masks, we hide and label parts of us as unworthy or not good enough. Remove the mask to heal these parts and pieces of us needing us to be true to ourselves. We are all healing in some way. You never truly know what someone else is going through.

The Message

Remember, we were not born with masks. We created them precisely so that we can learn how to remove them.

Think about a negative message you received and that perhaps you have held onto.
Ask yourself, “is this true?” – 
In most cases, the answer is no.

Next, ask yourself why you continue to carry that message with you. Is it fear of the reaction you will get? Or possibly, the idea that you would no longer be loyal to your family’s values?

One of our greatest fears is that if we show our true selves, the world will reject us.

But being yourself is exactly the best thing you can ever do. These can be deep and thought-provoking questions. When you remove your mask to others and learn to be your authentic self, you invite them to reevaluate their own masks. By removing yours, you help someone else remove theirs. Show your gifts, and the world will show you theirs. At a time where masks are so prevalent, isn’t it time to stop being scared of the true, magnificent you? Every person has the right to be true and authentic. This is what makes the world beautiful

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