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The Wisdom Humpty Dumpty gave us…

23 October 2020 | Debbi Gantt, Mindset

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,  

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. 

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men 

Couldn’t put Humpy together again. 

 Children’s nursery rhymes often provide hidden meaning and purpose behind them. 

For me, this nursery rhyme has a deep metaphor that we can all learn from as we navigate this thing called life. What if, the message Humpty Dumpty sent us was for us to recognize how we experience our own life lessons? 

For example, being young and naïve, we may sit on our wall of comfort. We observe life from the height of the wall, judging others from our high view. We start to feel confident and secure. We may even get a bit reckless because we believe we are invincible. That comfortable wall is great to sit on and to observe or judge others that do not fit into our value system.

But then, something happens. We lose our balance. We get pushed. We fall off our wall! We break into pieces. We are in pain. We experience trauma. There are four types of responses we humans have: 

Façade (or Fawn) 

We cannot fight or flee. Remember, we are in pieces! Perhaps we freeze. But what good would that do?  We would just lie there in hopes that someone stumbles upon us to and is willing to put our pieces back together for us. What about façade? Pretending everything is okay for the sake of others. We would rather please other people and rise to meet their expectations, rather than care for self. It is saying to them, “no problem, I got this.”  


To help us deal with the trauma and pain, it may be tempting to numb ourselves out with drugs, alcohol, disassociation, fantasies, rationalization, or anything else that helps us feel in control. Yet, that does not work long term either. These are all examples of living a life in survival mode rather than living and thriving.  

So, if none of these options help us heal our broken pieces, what should we do? What if we begin to realize that suffering has a purpose and that nothing in life is accidental? It is all synchronicity.

The Discovery

Once we realize this, we can start reconnecting our own broken parts and pieces. Our fall can motivate our consciousness in various ways: 

  1. Learning to become compassionate v. angry 
  2. Learning to become more accepting v. judgmental 
  3. Learning to embrace the fear and shame and to take the steps toward healing 

After we take the steps to put ourselves back together again, it is only then that we realize all those broken bones (and broken hearts) actually heal stronger than ever before. Life is a journey. But if we wait for or allow someone else to fix us, then we do not gain the wisdom needed to nurture and repair self. Remember though, there is value in asking for help from someone who has already experienced the fall. Then we can have faith in the process and know it is okay to ask for help, that is when true healing occurs. 

On behalf of Humpty Dumpty, he thanks you for understanding his great wisdom in his message. 

This content is produced by Debbie Gantt who is the Accredited Partner of Integrus Global in Florida, USA
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