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It’s Half Time And All To Play For…

30 June 2022 | Goals, Success

It’s the last day of June. Halfway through the year. It’s amazing what can happen in the blink of an eye.
… and if you are a footie fan, we all know of at least one manager and team which are celebrating their Success (so far)

Much of the first half of 2021 has been with an eye on COVID-19 and how things are panning out. The roadmap. The vaccine programme. The variants. What effect might this have on our personal and work lives?
Your Goals
It may mean you’ve lost focus on your goals – personally and/or professionally. Maybe you’ve needed to put them on hold and it can feel like you’re losing sight of when they’ll ever be achieved.
Or you search for clarity in what might feel like a maelstrom of uncertainty.
How can you get back on track?
It’s important to make time to remember your ‘why’ in life. If you haven’t identified it clearly yet, book a free call with me at , and I will try to help you. Your decisions will flow from there.

Ask yourself:
– What are my top five values?
– What do I feel motivated by?
– What am I passionate about?
– What brings me joy and happiness?
– When do I feel fulfilled?
– Challenged?
– Is what I’m doing right now serving me well long-term or dragging me down so I’m feeling negative more than feeling positive?
– What does success look like for me?
– How do I want to feel when I’ve achieved my goal?

Here are some key things that will help you find the energy to stay on track…
– Make time to focus on your LifeBlend
– Be aware of your self-talk.
– Write down and repeat exciting assumptive affirmations- what you want to be, do and have.
– Positive visualisation will help you. Script and direct a “mental movie” of how you will feel when you have achieved your goal. What will it all look like, sound like etc?
– Enjoy the journey as well as the destination. How will you feel as you work towards your goal, and focus on the feeling of achievement? Repeatedly play this mental movie to yourself. That achievement will feel real to you, normal – and will become self-fulfilling. Your subconscious brain will get to work to make it happen, working in synergy with your conscious efforts to make it so.
– Start a Success Planner and celebrate your successes – EVERY DAY.
– Also think about the things that didn’t quite work out – and celebrate them too..! They are great Learning’s for your future development, so use the new information wisely.
– Stop using the “F-word” (failure). There are only two results – success and learning. It’s your choice on which one you select.

For some people, a Gratitude Journal works well. Write down all the good stuff that happens in your life – and identify the person who brought that joy into your life. Plan to spend more time with them. When it’s been a not so good day, read through it.

All of the above will help you to reconnect with your why and bring your goals (and successes) back to the forefront.

The single most important thing, standing between where you are today and where you want to be, is your own thinking.

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