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Individuality – A Modern Reality

3 February 2021 | Margo Wiltens, Mindset, Teamwork

individuality  [noun]

  1. 1.
    the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.
    “clothes with real style and individuality” 
  2. 2.
    separate existence.
    “anything but individuality, anything but aloneness”

What is Individuality..? –

An undeniable heritage of modern thinking. The concept to understand yourself as a starting point for what follows. Work from your inside to the external world, outside. It is an eye-opener for one – a confrontation for one another.

Our personal reality can be generated through individual thoughts and beliefs. The imagination is the gateway to desires, dreams and ambitions. Embracing those is often an exhale of our inner senses. A way to escape the habitual flow of every day. The opportunity to listen and possibly change directions.

“The most important journey starts and ends, with yourself.”

A famous quote assuming awareness of our ‘inner self’. To be fair … When we strive to live life to the fullest every day, the minimal requirements of self-awareness do apply. One must know what it is that makes them ‘tick’.

The ‘tick’ can be found close to home – Within yourself. Numb and overwhelmed with the daily hunt, dissociation is a reality amongst us all. Retreats and associated soul-searching is often associated with a bunch of free spirits, yogi’s and/or hippies, smoking herbs whilst worshipping the moon on a deserted island. No judgement. 

Arguably, the Western world provides the world’s highest standard of life.

The ‘now’ -generations are privileged with the power of choice. And opportunity. The safety net is provided by those generations prior to ‘ours’.  Hence, we can literally do what we like, and what we want.

Whilst Millennials, and those afterwards, respect values relative to love, nature, environment and community. How come this generation counts the highest number of depression, social disconnect and emotional loneliness?

It is because those hippies on the island have one thing in common –

They’ve prioritised the relationship with themselves.

Without the fear of judgement living life to ‘Be’. Individualism is misunderstood. Logically when it is easy to see that performance and appearance are celebrated more often than a person’s quality. Always on the hunt. And it never seems to be (good) enough. We’re indoctrinated with how our life should look like. It’s an illusion of perfectionism.

So, we should build a boat and row off to a deserted island. Right? Let’s not.

In my experience team performance, success and winning all result from effectively, cooperation by individuals.

Every process starts with the cumulation of individual input supporting the greater outcome. The weak -and strongest link both affect potential outcomes. Individualism is understood, and merely negatively judged.

Individualisation refers to the social -and historical process, in which values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour are increasingly based on personal choice and are less dependent on tradition and social institutions. (Ester, Halman & De Moor, 1993)

At first sight, individualism and plurality can be a threat to unity. However, people can’t survive purely autonomously.

What seems to be an individual choice is often a reflection of societal standards.

Structural arrangements of societal, political -and cultural within our society supposedly provide cohesion amongst us. A constant interaction between social obedience and autonomy represents the reality in which individuality is applicable. The individualist is not a simple rebel against compliance. The individualist flourishes through the choice to own life.

Everyone is given the right to create and be. It requires work to determine the unique combination of life ingredients to establish happiness. Satisfying desires and adhere personal beliefs. Individualism is about personal happiness and excellence.

 Looking more closely to the framework of our lives (re-)ignites taking responsibility for our abilities.

Proper self-management for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We’re often not broken and nothing needs to be fixed. Redirection or redesign is what is necessary. Nothing rests. Everything vibrates. In a subtle or obvious way. Life is movement. Often other ingredients are necessary to uphold high life standards which support life, love and business performances. Our unique recipe stabilises the threat of ‘one fits all’. Confident and valuable contributions can be expected to specific roles, employment and teams. Because the individual genuinely knows what he, or she, can bring to the table to make a difference. A personality test is no longer an assessment but becomes confirmative. An opportunity to find the next compatible investment in our life long dance.

Individual beauty inspires and empowers.

Beach Volleyball shows the best of both; individual identity blended and exploited in the best team product. “Us” against “Them” resulting from relationships where expectations and admiration are embedded.

Individuality is the counterbalance to one-dimensional conformity. 

Individuality is the core ingredient for greater people.

Greater people enhance any team unity.

This content is produced by Margo Wiltens who is the Accredited Partner of Integrus Global in Adelaide, Australia and also an Individuality and high-performance coach through her company, The Coachlife Company, & SloCoach.

Margo uniquely combines her sporting determination with the Integrus products to deliver high-performance, life-changing coaching for people who are determined to make a Change for Good

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