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How to sell to pushy salespeople

4 October 2020 | Integrity, Peter Sylvester, Sales

If you are a Business Owner, there is a good chance that you have been on some form of Selling Skills course.  Traditionally, they show you how to handle objections, and cut off the escape routes of your prospects.

Even with all those enhanced techniques, the typical success rate is still only 1 in 10.  And that is because you have been taught to sell “like a RED”.

The only problem..?

If you have been taught to sell like a RED, then the only people who will truly understand what you are saying – and then will go on to buy – are …  REDS.  And REDS only represent 11% of the population.

So a success rate of 1 in 10, is about right – if you only sell that way.

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How can you spot a RED..?

Typically, they will be Corporate CEOs, Military Colonels, and out-and-out SalesPeople
They are Money-motivated, Results-focused, and are Impatient (They cannot hide it)
Reds are the the “get-the-job-done” people.
They order people around – their motto is: “move out of my way”.
They dress for success – look out for those who “Power Dress”
They speak very forcefully and with an increased volume.


Don’t talk to them about your family or your vacation. They don’t care.

They talk about money, time, success – so if you talk money (money for them) then they will listen.
[See “The Opening Line” below]

Reds are well-connected – they know business owners, governors, leaders, etc.  So stick with it – once they have bought from you, then they will tell the whole world what a great deal THEY did – and you have a future referral on a plate..!


Almost always, if they are on your team, they will be your Best Negotiator.
They show Lots of Energy
They are a Risk Taker
And they are Confident
They can often be perceived to be a Natural Born Leader [but BEWARE – they can be divisive, due to their “win at all costs” outlook]
They are All Action, no talking


[BTW – They won’t openly admit anything…]
They have a BIG Ego
You might spot that they are Domineering
(did I say might..?)
They can be incredibly Short Tempered
Forget it – they are Un-teachable


“My friend, the CEO, had dinner with me.”
“The CFO is my next-door neighbour.”
“The owner of the company & I play golf together.”
“I got a £35,000 bonus because of my production.”


Losing control

How To Sell to Them

Red’s are direct and self-contained.  So just tell them what is needed (and do it quickly) then turn them loose.

They will talk right to you and tell you what they want to deliver success.

When they talk – just listen.  Don’t interrupt.

I know that you are supposed to be the one doing the selling, but they hold the stage. If you don’t understand, just write it down, and…

As they finish their “presentation”, (every conversation with a RED is a presentation), then ask for “Clarifications”, not Questions.

[Questions are a challenge to them – however, clarifications say that you are both on the same wavelength.  You are well on the road to delivering what THEY want..!] 

They are SO direct that you may think that they are open but you will never hear anything personal about them – so don’t even go there..!

Opening Line

“I believe that what I can share with you will make you money, save you time and help you be an (even greater) success.”

You will then have their attention for 3-5 minutes – not much longer…!

Remember – Everything in their core revolves around money, their success, and being the top in their company – so if YOU can help them get there, then you will almost certainly be successful

So, the ultimate answer to achieving an 80% success rate in ALL of your sales conversations, is to understand the other persons Colour Thinking and to start to communicate with them in THEIR COLOUR LANGUAGE

That’s right – Stop Selling and Start Thinking in Colour

This content is produced by Peter Sylvester who is the Founder of Integrus Global.

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