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How to Create a World where Everyone Can Succeed

14 October 2020 | BNI, Book, Colours, Infinite Giving, Julian Lewis

At Integrus we inspire our clients to live a life of full colour. We coach people on how to consider the dominant behaviour style of ourselves and others and in doing so we get better outcomes for us and them.

Do you Understand Colours?

This basically means that once you understand about the colours and you have experience of implementing them in your life your results improve, new opportunities open up, relationships deepen, and your life works so much better.

Recently I published a book along with my fellow authors Dr Ivan Misner® and Greg Davies. The book titled Infinite Giving seeks to describe a world where everyone embraces the philosophy of Givers Gain® and not only that they implement Givers Gain alongside a set of 7 principles which results in Infinite Giving for our communities.

A world where everyone can succeed

In such a world, where everyone can succeed, everyone can carve out a path that represents success for them – and help for those around them. One thing the Integrus Colours teaches us is that success is different for different people. Celebrating our colour differences means we can also give and gain in a colourful way.

In the book, we explain that there are 7 key principles to Infinite Giving. I am writing a series of blogs specifically for Integrus which expands on these principles and adds colour to them.

The 7 Principles of Givers Gain as described in Infinite Giving are:

  1. Are They in Your Light?
  2. Give Without Expectation.
  3. Give More Than Expected.
  4. Give What You Can Afford.
  5. It’s OK to Gain.
  6. Stay Humble.
  7. Show Gratitude.

These principles are explained in the book using stories to illustrate them.

Over the coming weeks, I will publish a series of blogs which highlight how we may layer colour onto the principles to make them even more powerful for those of us that understand Integrus Colours as taught in the Integrus Academy.

How do you view that list?

One thing we do know that depending their colour combination people will read this list of 7 principles in a different way and indeed read books in a different way. It is fair to say that if we are Red or indeed currently in a red mood due to the circumstances we find ourselves in we will be drawn to “Give what to can afford” and “It’s OK to Gain” therefore we may start reading those chapters first. The Yellows may well be intrigued by “Are they in your light”, the Greens by “Give without expectation” and Stay humble”. The Blues will want to read all 7 Principles and in order, so they have a full understanding before they start to implement the learning. I think all colours will resonate with “Show gratitude” and it may well be that’s where everyone starts.

The interesting thing about the Principles is that they share the same practical application as the Integrus Colours. They both only work when you are able to work them all together and move seamlessly between them as required. If you embrace all the Colours in you and others you will have more success; the same is true of the 7 Principles of Givers Gain they should be used together and indeed we tell a great story in the book about why this works.

Next time in this series I will expand on how we use Integrus Colours to enhance Principle Number 1 “Are they in your light”.

This content is produced by Julian Lewis who a Founding Partner of Integrus Global.

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