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Get Married (and Live Life Outside your Comfort Zone)

22 November 2020 | Comfort Zone, Linda Gale

[ Written by Linda Gale, whilst on honeymoon in Thailand, November 2018 ]

Who knew life could be so colourful outside your comfort zone…

Living life in your comfort zone can be very life-limiting.  You really can miss out on some of life’s most amazing experiences.  Being a cautious person, I always tend to stick to my comfort zone to ‘be on the safe side’.  I tend to take my decisions very seriously when considering undertaking something risky that I wouldn’t ordinarily consider.

I am a bit of a control freak and need to know the ins and outs of everything before I decide to do something!

Don’t ask me why but when I look at doing something I think of every scenario of something going wrong!  That’s just me and I can’t help it.  But from today I am a changed person!  Now I look at opportunities and think why would it go wrong.  This played today whilst on holiday.  My husband and I were looking at excursions to go on and we thought snorkelling could be fun.  But…

I hate boats with a passion

My first instincts were “This is risky”.
Secondly, I hate deep water.
Thirdly, I have a fear of things touching my legs

But whilst in Thailand….  we decided to go for it.  This was a proper JDI (just do it) moment for me.  We boarded the speed boat and having taken an anti-sickness tablet I was good to go.

We had the most amazing day snorkelling in the warm brightest blue water looking at the beautiful colourful fish.

We saw baby turtles on a nature reserve island and fruit bats in the trees, the colours throughout the day have been so bright and to think I nearly missed out by letting my fears get the better of me!  Move out of your comfort zone and dip your toes in the stunning waters of your panic and risk zones.

Your risk zone is a very colourful place and one I intend on visiting it a lot more!!

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