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Top Communication Strategies for Entrepreneurs

3 August 2022 | Communication, Employer Interview, Entrepreneur, Interview, Job

Our expert Communications Coach, Saskia van de Riet, was stunningly powerful as she lead a Success Circles clubhouse room discussion about the top communication strategies for entrepreneurs recently.

She started the conversation by sharing this Inspirational story:

“Once upon a time a wise Cherokee Indian Chief shared a story about human life with his grandson. The Chief told him that there was a fight going on within him, a fight between a dark wolf and a light wolf.”

“The dark wolf is evil and is driven by anger, superiority, envy and his ego.
The light wolf is good and is driven by love, peace, humility, and faith.
This fight is happening inside every human being, and so it is within you, my grandson.”

Now, the grandson was pondering this for a bit, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf will win?”

The Cherokee Chief smiled, and said, “The one you feed”.

Storytelling is the oldest way of communication and in essence, it’s authentic and powerful.

You can incorporate this in any communication form, and ensure that you remain aligned with

  • your core values,
  • your own voice, and
  • your ideal clients.

So, if you want to incorporate authentic writing in the book you want to write, or any promotional communication, then how about having a clarity call with Saskia and discover the communnicator in you.
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Integrus and Saskia would love to support you in living, loving, and leaving your #legacy !

PS – if you wish to know the other three Communication Strategies I mentioned, then just send me a message, I’d be happy to share that with you!

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