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5 Ways To Love Your Job Again

21 October 2022 | Career, Comfort Zone, Job, Mindset, Self Care

(By Mark Crossfield – Career Coach at Bravo Coaching) 

“Everything I do as a coach is about helping you love your job and have a great career. Sometimes this means helping you to change your job or to start a new career but, in many cases, there are lots of things you can do in your current job to make it much more enjoyable.”

Here are 5 ways you can fall back in love with your job, even if you’re not digging it right now… 

Focus on what you like about your work

I’ve noticed that when we start to drift into losing our mojo at work, it’s usually because we are predominantly focusing on the things we don’t enjoy. When we slide into a negative mindset in this way, we find it harder to spot the enjoyable aspects of work.  Instead, if you can, turn your attention to the things you do enjoy or could enjoy about your job.

You see, when we choose to focus on those enjoyable aspects, it becomes easier to feel better about your work situation as your thoughts become predominated by the good stuff.

 Naturally, there will always be less enjoyable parts to your job, doing your accounts, that Monday morning report as well as such things as your daily commute, but if you can turn your attention to the good stuff and let this predominate in your thinking, your job will be much more enjoyable. You will also have the fortitude to tackle the less enjoyable aspects of your work. 

Find the meaning in your work 

Of course, your commute becomes even less of an issue when you are travelling to do something meaningful for you. Moreover, repeated surveys attest that we are more likely to love our work if we find meaning in what we are doing.

 Meaning is very subjective though and highly personal – what’s meaningful to you might leave me feeling unmoved. Also, the meaningful aspects of your job don’t have to be ‘great causes’ or ‘noble actions’. They can be simple contributions such as supporting a team to achieve success or improving customer satisfaction rates.

 Additionally, if you do aspire to a ‘greater cause’, your contributions can be small in the overall scheme of things but still give you significant meaning. You may recall the man mopping the floor at NASA headquarters in the 1960s who proclaimed that he was helping to put a man on the moon.

 So, to find meaning in your work think about what your why is, what’s important to you about what you are doing. The following questions might help you:

  • What is the big picture aim of your organisation, and what is your role in achieving that?
  • What societal benefit is there from what you are doing?
  • Who are you helping by doing what you are doing – both internal and external to the organisation?
  • Which teams do you support in your work? 

Improve your work relationships

 The quality of our relationships at work makes a big difference when it comes to enjoying the job. The better our relationships, the happier and more engaged we are likely to be. Good work relationships, however, like any relationship, need active steps to make them work.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Strive to communicate well with your work colleagues by using an open and honest approach together with Active Listening.
  • Helping and supporting other work colleagues where you can and take time out to talk to and understand their needs
  • Appreciating work colleagues for their contribution
  • Be positive around your colleagues, creating an energy that helps to strengthen relationships 

Re-design your job

A good way to enjoy your job more is to make changes to your job such that you are utilising more of the skills you like using and undertaking the tasks that bring you enjoyment. Sometimes you can also add new duties that play to your strengths and help you to improve your success in the role.

This re-design can often be done and without consultation with your manager. Maybe you can devise a new way to do a task, or you bring into play a skill that you previously hadn’t thought of using. Simple shifts like this can make a big difference.

If a bigger re-design is needed, you may need to meet with your manager to discuss your request. In advance of the meeting, make notes on ideas you might have to aid the conversation and show that you have given some advanced thought. 

Negotiate a pay increase

 How much you are paid matters. For some people, having their pay expectations met can lead to a renewed sense of job happiness. Conversely, not having your expectations met can kill the vibe in an otherwise enjoyable role.

Your salary is how your company shows you that they appreciate your work and value you and your skills. So, if you have down the previous four steps, then the Company may well value you more for your contribution and positive input.

And, of course, for you, it’s psychologically rewarding to know that the company value you in this way. Feeling under-appreciated, on the other hand, can negatively impact your confidence and joy for the job.

 Securing a pay rise is all about knowing your worth, preparing well and presenting a valid case to your manager and to this end I have produced a FREE guide – How to Get a Payrise – which you can find on Marks website –

The first thing to understand is that discussing your salary aspirations with your manager is a perfectly normal part of the employment process. And in the guide, I help you decide when the best time to have the conversation should be, prepare for the meeting with your manager, and what to say.

So, check out that FREE resource on the website.

So, there you have it, the 5 things you need to know about a career change. I hope you have found these words helpful. To recap:

–       Focus on what you like about your work

–       Find meaning in your work

–       Improve your working relationships

–       Re-design your job

–       Negotiate a pay increase

And, that just leaves the Career Take Away…

Your Next Steps today are:

Review these 5 tips and make a plan to put the happiness back into your job. Choose one of the things from your plan and take action today to get started. This might mean booking a meeting with your manager, having a one to one with a colleague to improve a relationship, or simply focussing on the things you like about your job.

The key thing is to make a plan and take action to make that plan work.

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