Team Dynamics

team dynamics masterclass

In our experience, successful team members relate with honesty, respect, authenticity and Integrity above all. So how do we get teams to this state of high performance?

Following a tested path, we take people through our Team Dynamics Process – a one day masterclass for teams or sub teams of 4 to 14 people.

Team Dynamics - Integrus

what happens in a masterclass

  • First, all team members need to understand themselves in full colour
  • Then, we work with the team to see how they all fit together, their strengths and their challenges.
  • Finally, we work on individual relationships that ultimately underpin all teams.

By the end of this dynamic and interactive session together we create effective teams that are able to continually improve performance.

Team Dynamics Foundation is one day masterclass with teams or sub teams of 4 to 14 people.

Optionally we can run multiple foundations for larger teams and additional models.

Integrus Team Dynamics

additional modules

Integrus Team Dynamics offer additional modules once the Team Dynamics Foundation Masterclass has been completed. These include;

  • Selling in full colour for sales teams
  • Market in full colour
  • Client services in full colour
  • Full colour call centres

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