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Congratulations – you have now taken your first step to success with Integrus Global.

Each of our 12 Academy sessions will take approx 4 hours as an investment from you – in your own  leadership skills and your business success.

In certain circumstances we will offer an intensive course as a one off or as a special offer. Please ask us if this option is more suitable for you.

As you progress within Integrus you and your business will benefit from growth as you move towards your own personal success.

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Integrus Academy

Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global

12 Keys to Success

introducing the integrus
12 keys to success

All the keys build towards developing your people, business and leadership skills. We utilise a proven model which when implemented will ensure you reach your goals and achieve success.

Each key is delivered in a 4 hour academy session.

Key 1 - Why

key 1

Dominant Thought Process
Integrus Success Mindset (iSM)
Success Planner


Key 2 - Colours

key 2

WHY do they BUY
What to SAY
What NOT to SAY
Understand Yourself


Key 3 - Strengths

key 3

Interacting with OPPOSITES
Plan Your Conversations


Key 4 - DNA

key 4

Emotions in Business
Your Successes
Your Aspirations
Your Business DNA
Your Legacy


Key 5 - Position

key 5

Market Footprint
Who is your Competition
Your Current Position
Your Future Position
Timing for Change


Key 6 - Product

key 6

Product Cards
Product Development
Product/Position relationship
Additional Business Streams


Key 7 - Target Market

key 7
Target Market

Target Market Value
Market Alignment
Market Expansion
Access Points
Golden Goose



key 8

Website & Social Media
Networking & Referrals
Print Collateral & Mailshots
Cold Calling


Key 9 - Sales

key 9

Increase Success rate to 8/10
Up Front Contract
Prospect Identification
Attention Span & Success Gap
Speak Their Language &
Positive Presentation


Key 10 - Delivery

key 10

Capability & Capacity
Time Efficiency)
Implement 10/80/10
Delivery Mechanisms


Key 11 - Team Support

key 11
Team Support

Building Client Teams
How to Create Client Teams & Become Part of Them
Strengthen your Internal Team
Activate your External Team


Key 12 - Client Interaction

key 12
Client Interaction

Building regular Client Contact
The Benefit of Feedback & Using
it to Generate New Clients
Adding Value to Clients
Getting Current Clients to buy MORE


Integrus Development Circles

Implementation Phase – Integrus Development Circles

At Integrus we are passionate about implementation of learning. How many great events have you been to where you make copious notes and grand plans only for life to get in the way and the opportunity for meaningful change is lost. This is what our implementation phase is about. Lasting a minimum of 9 months or 3 x 90-day cycles, it is our experience that our groups want to carry on together beyond 9 months – but for now this is the commitment of the Academy.

The keys and the Development Circles take 12 months in total regardless of the delivery method of the keys.

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