Why do most businesses not make it past their 5th Birthday?

This is a sad fact that most business will fail in the first 5 years of trading, so why is this? My own view is that either they simply run out of cash (poor control) or business partners are having too many different opinions. Before Business Partners reach this stage, very often it started with breakdown in communication.

How often do entrepreneurs assume their message is being delivered in a clear, concise and compelling manner? Does the message appeal to everyone? Or did one of them listen with an aim to understand, before delivering what is assumed to be the solution or demand? Too often we listen to respond not to understand.

We are unique in our own way. The same ‘word’ that forms a sentence carries different interpretation for different types of people. Not by race nor language in general but by our behavioural style.

Have you ever experienced a split personality under a different context? Wouldn’t it be an added advantage for entrepreneurs to have an effective communication with their client, business associates or business partner? Imagine, with structured and effective communication, how many times your conversion rate would be increased? We work with businesses to develop all of these skills.

This is a fraction of what Integrus does. We are looking for GoodPeople to join our movement to inspire GreatBusinesses to grow beyond their 5th Birthday.

By Mellissa Poon
Integrus Asia.