What’s Your Recipe for Success..?

How do most Business Owners set about achieving their dreams of success..?
If it were a cake, it would be easy, wouldn’t it..?

Find a big mixing bowl, then add some flour, margarine and sugar.
After mixing, add water then, as you stir it all together, throw in some of your dearest hopes and wishes – because you know that this is a cake with a difference.

It needs to be baked in an oven warmed with faith and then served with plenty of passion to the people who understand and support you.

But for all your “passion” and for all the warmth of the oven, without adding some special ingredients, everyone else will still see it for what they believe it is – just a cake, and no different all the other cakes on the shelves.

How to Make a Difference

For thoughtful Business owners, the New Year brings all the opportunities for that long hoped-for success clearly into view – with the ingredients for baking something deliciously satisfying and rewarding, for both themselves AND their new-found clients.

Thats where a thoughtful (or Colourful) Marketing Plan comes in.  A Colourful Marketing Plan is like a great Cook Book – it contains all the ingredients for success, and has multiple approaches to create that “different taste” – so unique that clients will like what THEY like about your cake, and come back to buy it time and time again.

Different Strokes – Different Folks

Remember – different people like different things, and so if you only have one “Marketing Message”, you will not achieve the dreams you have been hoping for.  Its good to remember that there are four Unique Buying Styles, and to get maximum success, then you should adapt your Marketing – and your Selling – to match those styles…

At Integrus, we codify them into Colours, to help easily identify how different people tend to think differently.  These styles – or Integrus Colours –  control how we like to communicate and be communicated with, how we prefer to make purchasing decisions, and the speed with which we prefer to make them.

So here are some hints which you need to mix into your Colour Marketing Recipe…

Buying Style #1 – The REDS

The first buying style is called the REDS.
These buyers have a clear picture in their mind of what results they want. They are often seen as preferring to make buying decisions very quickly. They are more often interested in “winning” or “promoting their own agenda” so they like to buy when they feel they have “got their own way”. They respond well to actions or communication that will speed up those results. Discussions about details and minutiae are distracting to these individuals – so just don’t bother them with it..!. They prefer to discuss top-line, big-picture concepts when considering the value of any offering.

Selling to RED buyers (looking for results and efficiency):

  • Be practical and efficient (avoid theory)
  • Highlight opportunities for change and adventure
  • Avoid overly emotional discussions or opinion-based arguments
  • Accentuate independence and competition
  • Challenge their idea, perhaps, but not them personally
  • Stick to the big-picture, bottom-line business at hand
  • Be quick and to the point (do not waste their time)
  • Likes new, innovative things
  • Let them be in control

RED buyers are Innovators – they will buy unproven, brand new, cutting-edge solutions that have not been proven by anyone else in the market. They revel in the chance to be the first to try things.

Sales key = Let them lead…NOW!

The odds of running into a RED buyer are 11% in the general public.

Buying Style #2 – The YELLOW

The second buying style is called the YELLOW. These buyers want to shape and mould events and also enjoy “getting their own way” when it comes to negotiations or buying something. Unlike the REDS, however, YELLOW’s tend to go about this by working with or through people – much more collaboratively. They are interested in people and like to interact with others, understand others and to be understood by others.

They are most receptive to making a buying decision when they feel a sense of connection with the person, are in a more social environment and have had the opportunity to express their emotions, thoughts, fears or excitement about the offering first.

Like the RED, this person is also not too bothered about the details, preferring to stick to the big-picture and emotional benefits of the solution.

Selling to YELLOW buyers (looking for interaction and an experience):

  • Avoid challenging them or personal conflict
  • Don’t aggressively close or push
  • Be enthusiastic and express emotions
  • Let them talk!
  • Highlight potential improved appearance, social standing, approval by others
  • Have fun!
  • Accentuate the “newness” factor
  • Name dropping is not a bad thing here (if done tastefully, of course)

YELLOW buyers are Early Adopters – almost as brazen as the RED buyer, but they really appreciate social proof as well. Be sure to point out how your solution allows them to “join others” who are leading the way, pushing the boundaries and blazing new trails.

Sales key = Listen twice as much as you talk!

The odds of running into an YELLOW buyer are 17% in the general public.

Buying Style #3 – The GREEN

The third buying style is called the GREEN. These buyers are more passive and introverted and interested in the how and why of a solution (i.e. – the details and minutiae that the RED and YELLOW couldn’t care less about).

Their primary interests are in maintaining stability within themselves and whatever situation they find themselves in. Messages that don’t address the specifics, or that propose radical change, are likely to work against you rather than for you.

They prefer to buy things that will increase the stability in their lives, provide more security, and are well known and well proven. They prefer to “take their time” more than any other dimension so any sales discussions should give them plenty of time to decide.

Selling to a GREEN buyer (looking for security and stability):

  • Avoid conflict (with them or trashing anyone else, even those not present)
  • Reassure and reduce risk as much as possible
  • Provide structure, step-by-step details and security
  • Give them ample time to decide (as in days or weeks in some extreme cases)
  • Accentuate your support and commitment long-term (think family)
  • Be sincere, modest and unassuming
  • Don’t get too personal too fast

GREEN buyers are Early to Late Majority buyers – not wanting to be on the front lines like the RED’s and YELLOW’s, the GREEN buyer prefers to wait until they can be certain that the risk has been minimised, others have tried it first and they are joining the majority.

Sales keys with Greens..? : slow and steady wins this race!

The odds of running into a GREEN buyer are 35% in the general public.

Buying Style #4 – The BLUE

The fourth and final buying style is called the BLUE. These buyers are also more passive and introverted. Like the GREEN, they too take a much more detailed (in fact, they are the most detailed) and accuracy-based approach to their buying habits.

Their buying decisions are very much driven by questions of accuracy, detail, reliability, level of proof, etc. Without sufficient data to prove any statements made to a BLUE, you will fail to achieve their buy in.

“Why..?” is a favourite question for a BLUE buyer.
After that “Prove it” is the second most common one.

They are very concerned with doing things accurately. They are receptive to discussions that provide proof that the solution works, proposals that are meticulously detailed and absent of ANY grammatical mistakes or typos.

Selling to the Blue buyer (looking for accuracy and information):

  • Provide high levels of high quality evidence and proof (data, facts, statistics, etc.)
  • Connect to solving problems
  • Make sure zero typos, grammatical mistakes or forgotten deliverables never happen
  • Ensure accuracy, reliability and dependability
  • Avoid pointing out any mistakes they may make
  • Be organised and logical
  • Be unemotional
  • Establish trust, deliver proof

The BLUE buyer is the Late Majority to Non-Adopter – if there is one style that may never adopt it is this one. They require the most proof, the most evidence and the most “selling to with DATA” before they have enough confidence to decide to buy. They require plenty of facts, data and proof.

Sales Key = Data, Proof, Facts…with ZERO errors!

The odds of running into a Conscientious buyer are 37% in the general public.

The Best Mix…

As you can see from the outline, if you want to truly maximise your success, then you need to understand all of the ingredients – and to use them with the right people and in the appropriate circumstances.

Individually these approaches don’t have much power, but together, you can create a memorable treat.

There’s a lot going on in the minds of your potential buyers – and it’s how they think that’s having a dramatic effect on you and your success.

  • What’s going on?
  • What is their head saying?
  • What is their heart saying?
  • Do you know which ingredients to mix in..?
  • Are you on the road to success..?