What’s in a Name..?

What does your business name actually tell people about YOU..?

I am not talking about telling them that you are a Plumber (if that’s what you DO).
What I am asking is : What does your business name tell people about YOU, and your VALUES..?

*Advance Warning : Potential Insult Ahead

I am sorry if this comes over as a surprise, but unless your business has been going for 100 years, Fred Bloggs Plumbers doesn’t actually say anything about you or your values.

As Simon Sinek says: “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”.

So what if Fred Bloggs’ values are that he wants to offer a complete range of high quality plumbings solutions..? He might be better advised to change his business name to “Quality Plumbing Services” or something similar.

Your Name should Reflect YOU & your VALUES

What’s in a Name..?Your business name has to make people stop and think. It has to be clearly aimed at your Target Market

24hr Plumbing Services” conveys a particular message – and when people search for that on the internet, their thinking is centred on “emergency” or “bathroom flood”

Whereas “Quality Plumbing Services” will attract a different Target Market. Time is not of the essence for them, but Quality is.

Price is not Important

Well, price is obviously a factor – but if someone has a torrent of water flowing down their stairs, and it is 2:00 am in the morning, then actually, they are looking for “availability” and not “price“.

So knowing the “WHY” for you, and your business, is massively important.

Your Marketing should Reflect your WHY

Most new start business owners just dive into starting a business.

They don’t give any thought to their future customers. And as a consequence, they waste a lot of money on Marketing which finds its way to the wrong people.

And often, businesses have to re-design their logo 2-3 times in their first year, because it doesn’t represent them very well.

How expensive is that..? New logo, new letterheads, new business cards, new website…

Stop & Think – and THEN Act

So my big recommendation to all business owners is this…

What’s in a Name..?(1) STOP what you are doing.  Stop wasting money.

(2) THINK about your WHY. What do your customers actually want from you..?

(3)  ACT – go for your refined target market, with a clear concise message. Change your scattergun approach to marketing, and adopt a laser-guided promotion into the target market that you truly want.

Your success rate will increase and your costs will go down.

One last thing…

Don’t let personal vanity dictate the name of your business. Your customers really don’t care that your name is Fred Bloggs. (Honest – sorry Fred)

Pick a business name that truly represents the WHY of your business, and let your true Values shine through everything that you do.

*With apologies to Plumbers who are named Fred Bloggs

(BTW – INTEGRUS = Integrity in Business)

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