Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!

In the age of big data, Google search engines, and virtual reality, you may be surprised to hear that face-to-face business networking is booming.

The UK’s two largest business networking organisations have more than 60,000 members between them and hold thousands of meetings every year.

For many people in business, the well-worn track of ‘know, like, and trust’ is still the path to getting customers.

People still buy from people.

So, communicating effectively with people you meet at networking sessions is vital. After all, you may never see them again..!

And when you do it correctly, you can increase your sales success from 1/10 to 8/10

It’s yet another way INTEGRUS can help your business to grow. Knowledge of our colour groups of reds, yellows, blues, and greens will help you to forge successful relationships with new contacts.

Here is a handy guide to spotting our colours at networking events:

The Reds

Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!

How to spot them: They’ll be working the room and handing out business cards.

What they’ll say: You should buy my product NOW
. It’s great value for money.

How you can respond: Yes. I think my product would give you a good return on investment, too. LETS TALK..!

How to follow up: Send a brief email within 24 hours outlining how your business benefits them. Make a timely decision about whether you’re buying from them, or not.

The Blues

Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!How to spot them: They’ll be talking in depth to one or two people.

What they’ll say: Let me tell you about the details of how we work. I read all my contracts thoroughly.

How you can respond: It’s so important to get the details right in any project. Can I get your card? I’ll check out your website.

How to follow up: Send a detailed email within 48 hours showing all your services and prices for their information, but don’t push a hard sell. Add them on social media. Keep in touch as it’s a long process getting a blue to trust you.

The Greens

Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!How to spot them: They’ll be catching up with people they already know, and introducing people to each other.

What they’ll say: Great to talk to you – perhaps we could catch up with a coffee?

How to respond: That would be great, I’d love to keep in touch. Interesting to chat to you!

How to follow up: Give them a call within 48 hours and organise a coffee. Diary an hour at least! Keep in touch for weeks or months – greens take their time making decisions.

The Yellows

Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!How to spot them: They’ll be at the centre of any laughter in the room.

What they’ll say: I’m here with my team. The coffee/breakfast/lunch is great at this meeting.

How to respond: I’ve really enjoyed meeting you and your team. We have to keep in touch!

How to follow up: Drop them an email and invite them to after-work drinks. Tell them they can bring their team if they’d like. Don’t forget to remind them closer to the date (because they don’t really do detail..!)

Business networking is booming – so STOP SELLING..!


INTEGRUS also helps you by creating a network of like-minded business owners during our process – from our taster and foundation courses to our Academy.

Find out more here: INTEGRUS INFO

So the next time you network, remember our motto.

Stop selling and Start influencing!