4 Easy Steps to Increase your Sales Success

Most Business Owners only achieve a Success Rate of 1 in 10 of their sales conversations – if that..!
Traditional “Sales Training” invites you to learn – but only to learn how to cope with your failure, not to be more successful.!

On 7th November, Integrus Birmingham will be hosting a 3 hour seminar which will show you the FOUR KEYS STEPS that successful people use to increase their Sales Success – from 1-in-10 to 5/10, 6/10 and even 8/10 of their sales conversations..!

The days of LEARNING to COPE WITH REJECTION will soon be long behind you.

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And we show you how to do it “NICELY” – without pressurising your client (because you want them to stay with you for long time, right..?)

At the end of this event, you will understand…
(1) How to increase your Sales Success from 1/10 to 8/10
(2) How to get the best out of your Team – and your clients
(3) How to build long term relationships for profit
(4) How to maximise the processes for your personal and business success.

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You will also receive three bonus items, which you can put to good use immediately to get on the road to improving yourself and your business.

BONUS 1 : You will receive a FREE Colours Assessment to help you start to apply the techniques you have learned during the seminar
BONUS 2 : You will be given a FREE David Lloyd Guest Pass which will allow you to relax (or workout..!) in the David Lloyd facility
BONUS 3 : PLUS – you will receive a £20 CASHBACK at the end of the event…!

The cost is £50 payable at the time of booking, and there is unlimited tea & coffee throughout the seminar.

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And don’t forget that cashback..!