Tara Schmakel Founding Partner – USA

Tara is a global speaker, coach, author and networking strategist. At one time Tara referred to herself as “The Once Timid Networker” because that’s what her earlier networking experiences were for her – sometimes intimidating, nerve-racking and limited in results. Her “I WILL achieve my goal!” attitude drove her perseverance.

With dedicated practice, her systems and strategies began to bear fruit. Networking became more enjoyable and other professional business connections were giving her feedback that confirmed her contagious enthusiasm. Today, Tara invites you to dream big, strive for excellence, stand out from your competition and portray your authentic “fascinating” self to the people with whom you choose to interact

Get to know Tara a little better as she answers these 6 quick questions

Q1. Why are you part of the Integrus family?
I believe that all people have something of value to share with others. Integrus is a movement that allows individuals to reach their fullest potential in an authentic way by discovering and achieving their own personal “Zone of Excellence”.  I love that!!

Q2. What are your hobbies and interests?
I love beautiful things, so I enjoy being outside no matter the season. I love to cook and entertain and I have definitely got a travel bug! Experiencing new places and cultures is something I really enjoy. I love the theater and any other reason to dress up!

Q3. What is your favorite drink?
I drink tons of water! Other than that, you can practically tell the time of day by what I’m drinking… I love coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and something stronger in the evening (though I don’t do that one every day)

Q4.  What is your favorite film?
So many favorites, but to narrow it down, Gone With the Wind. My name came from the plantation (even though I pronounce it differently than the movie). I love that Scarlett O’Hara is resourceful, and entrepreneur, full of life and had moxie! Her focus on what she could do today has helped me throughout my life. And if I can’t do anything about it right now I take on her mantra, “I’ll think about it tomorrow… “ (Smile)

Q5. What is your favorite piece of music and why?
Again, so many favorites… For me music is all about the mood, so I will say, whatever complements the situation I’m in.

Q6. Favorite quote:
“It’s what you do NEXT that counts” ~ Victoria Scully (my mom <3)