Julian Lewis Founding Partner – UK&Ireland

Julian helps his clients to create successful teams. He believes that we all achieve better when surrounded by the right people. Surrounding yourself with the right team is a journey that we can all go on and be on. Regular team selection is key to his personal and business philosophy. Too many people listen to the negative voices that surround us all and their aspiration dies; He shows them that the very best “them” is possible with the right guidance.

He uses his 20 years of experience both in business and helping business to grow to unlock the aspiration of business people all over the world. He is a renowned keynote speaker as well as a professional event host and MC.

Get to know Julian a little better as he answers these 6 quick questions

Q1. Why are you part of the Integrus family?
I believe that locked up in all of us are aspirations that we can unlock if we have the right help. Too many people leave their realistic aspirations locked up forever. I am passionate about Integrus as we work with people to unlock their aspirations and change their lives.

Q2. What are your Hobbies and Interests?
My passion is Rugby Union and I watch lots of live games mainly locally at my rugby club in Newbury. I am also a keen cyclist. Most days I walk my dogs on Bucklebury Common which is 800 acres of common land in Rural West Berkshire.

Q3. What is your favourite Drink?
I drink tea (with milk) all the time. Socially I love a great gin and tonic. I am also a fan of a beer called Good Old Boy brewed locally to where I live.

Q4. What is your favourite film
It has to be the Shawshank Redemption. I also enjoy Pretty Woman and Love Actually for the comic value. Recently I loved Baby Driver (cracking sound track).

Q5. What is your favourite piece of music and why?
When my wife and I first got to know each other (as adults) we would see each other on Sunday mornings at Newbury Rugby Club. Hence my favourite song is “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

Q6. What is your favorite quote.
“When all is said and done; more is said than done” Aesop – Says it all really.