José María Torrano Mondéjar Inspirationalist – Spain

During more than 20 years of activity as an entrepreneur, JmTorrano has proven to be a decisive and task-oriented person, project developer, in businesses such as clothing, import, real estate, urban planning, banking and insurance.

He has great experience in team leadership, sales, networking, development of companies and helping people to reach their objectives. This makes him a person with training and experience to develop Integrus in his area.
He firmly believes that the growth of business is only possible by developing all the people in the organization, and creating an impact on the environment.

Your daily goal: that each person you are dealing with becomes someone better.

Your goal in life: to create an environment of values development and positive attitude where your family and those around you can find and create opportunities for the growth of their businesses and have a good life.
Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are!