Faizal Sohaimi Integrus Malaysia
(Kuala Lumpur)

FAIZAL, a seasoned sales and business development professional has an illustrious track record in the energy and safety/security industries. He had immersed himself in it for more than 20 years. Many regard him as the ”go-to” person if one wants to sell in these industries. Selling in these industries is contrary to what most people believe to be as “who you know”, or “you know who?” It is more like “finding out who?” and serving the customers.
He switched track onto sales and business development after 5 years stint as a technical field engineer with Schlumberger Wireline & Testing, a well-known and highly regarded multi-national company serving the oil & gas industry, which included multiple overseas assignments. The company was known for its rigorous training program with only a few making the cut.
He also served for a year with the national power company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) in his very early days as an engineer.
Coming from a technical field background and returning from overseas, Faizal hardly knew anyone whom he could count as “who you know” in the right places within the industry. Thus, began the adventure with “what you have”, “what you know”, finding “who to talk to” and understanding “what they need and want” in the industries he ventured into. He served and served.
Seeking to refine and develop his capability further he trained via The Science & Art of Selling (Melcom – Mark Chatterton) and the well-known Blair Singer’s Sales Dogs programs.
Faizal’s sales capability was enhanced further via the Entrepreneur Action Program (EAP) & T Harv Eker’s Guerilla Business School. He also ventured into complex strategic sales, being trained via Jim Holden’s “Power Base Selling”.
By the way, prior to all these, Faizal learned to talk to and connect with people, via a well-known network marketing training program. If you want to learn to connect with people well, ask him “How do I do that? Can you help me?”.
With these learned and acquired skills, Faizal multiplied the sales results of the employers he was with. Faizal not only improved the sales of these companies, he turned around ailing business units and in some, he multiplied the revenue many folds; providing that they are willing to wait a short while for him to clean up, rebrand, repackage solutions and start to consult with the clients again. The results had always been astounding.
Often, he also found that delivering what he secured in sales, was a huge challenge that he had to resolve. A much bigger challenge than securing the sales or project in itself! He now found the method and ways to deliver this within the INTEGRUS 12-Key Academy.
In wanting to share and impart his knowledge with others, Faizal enhanced his capability as a trainer and business coach via the INTEGRUS’ Train the Trainer (T3) & Inspirationalist development programs; the Blair Singer’s Train the Trainer (TTT) program as well as the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner training program.
Faizal’s passion have always been “two-sided” – in delivering the “solution that matters”, solutions that make a difference to his customers and on the other side to his team, his colleagues. These can only be achieved by delivering the “solution that matters” and being paid fairly and handsomely by the customers. This, he found within the INTEGRUS 12-Key Academy.
FAIZAL now passionately shares his knowledge and helping people, especially salespersons and business leaders to discover their strengths and explode their sales growth, thus their business.
If you feel that your business, or your good self would like to learn more, let’s have a chat: