Eva Lisle Integrus USA (Sacramento)
Center of Excellence

Eva and her husband John have had two thriving businesses in California for nearly 20 years. She considers herself the Minister of Well Being to her staff, directors, clients and members. Eva is also an ordained minister and spiritual counselor, an Art Museum docent, a writer and blogger. She loves Integrus because it teaches uniquely colorful tools for expanding awareness and communication. She believes getting to really know your self and the person standing in front of you is the difference between just getting by and LIVING an abundant life of peace and joy.

Fun Facts: Eva has lived on four continents as a committed (Australian) army wife. She’s met the Queen of England (hatless!) and in 2015 she completed a blog project called A Twelvemonth of Self Love where she posted daily for an entire year. She can throw a party with only 20 minutes notice, loves to read, laugh, ask questions and believes listening and communicating are both action verbs!

Favorite quote: “Go as far as you can see, when you get there you will see farther.”