CK Chang Integrus Malaysia
(Kuala Lumpur)

An Electronics Engineer by profession, Chang spent his first 6 years in the industry before venturing out on his own. Now, 25 years on, he is the Executive Director of an award-winning company supplying metal parts to the Automobile & AirCond industry in Malaysia.
The success he’s experienced in the industry has also opened his eyes to a need that is yet to be addressed in Robotics Automation.

Therein lies his latest venture.

Just as we head into the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Chang is taking the lead yet again.
Amidst his successes in the industry, Chang harbours a desire to share his knowledge with young people. He is confident that with his ‘never give up’ attitude and tenacity, as well as his genuine concern for his team, he can help young entrepreneurs succeed in their respective fields. A solid gold-mine of wisdom, knowledge and experience, Chang’s heart of gold is also one that’s generous to a fault.