Pret a Manger in Full Colour – A lesson in full colour marketing

At Integrus we coach people on how to think in full colour and how to increase “sales” conversions as high as 80% of all conversations you have. We are all in sales in life and broadly speaking that is influencing people to do something. This might be getting the kid to bed on time or asking someone to the cinema on a date. You see we are all in sales. We do not have to be high flying sales executives to need the powers that come with understanding how and why people behave why they do. When we understand first ourselves and then others we can create great communication that inspires action that is right for everyone.

Let me give you a great example that I saw this week in a Pret a Manger shop in Reading. They are recruiting, and the poster was selling the benefits of being a Pret employee. Now they could have just put a standard advert in the window that said – “We have jobs, talk to the manager or apply online“ but they chose not to.

What they chose to do instead is think in full colour. To place an advertisement in their window that would have the biggest impact on the greatest number of people. I read this advert and I wanted to work there!!

Here are the elements of the advert that appeal to different behavioural styles. After each phrase I will use our colour system to show you have it is full colour in the advert.

  1. Good Jobs for Good PeopleRed and Yellow/Green
  2. People at Pret work hardRed
  3. Have funYellow
  4. Wear jeansBlue/Green
  5. Learn a lotBlue
  6. And really growRed
  7. Join the Pret familyGreen
  8. And be moreRed/Yellow/Green/Blue (depending on what in your mind you want more of)
  9. Pop in and talk to usYellow/Green
  10. Or apply online at
  11. Team * PretYellow

If I was advising Pret there is only one small change I would make to this advert to really colour it up and maybe push its impact right up to 80%. Can you tell what that is? If you email me at then I will tell you if we agree with each other.

So how can you make sure that what you say is appealing and appealing to the greatest number of people? This is what we train at Integrus; get in touch and we can advise you on your best option.