Where’s Your Head At..?

It’s really easy to forget that we, alone, have complete control of our mind.
Often, we also forget how amazingly powerful it is.

Your Built in Super Power

Do you appreciate the super power that is your own mind?

It’s so important to actually harness a positive mindset as we go through our day-to-day life.  It’s there for us to use – not be controlled by it or to let others control it – and it’s within our power to use it to its full potential.

We all have busy lives.   In lots of circumstances, we can get caught in the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Without positive action, that leaves our powerful mind to run without direction and leaves it open to being manipulated by outside influences.

That’s how others get control of us, and impose their will on us.

It Doesn’t Need to be That Way

 Where’s Your Head At..?I’m sure we’ve all said “I’m having a bad day…”

Do you find that once you have said that, you always continue to have a bad day?
It just gets worse and worse

What If you had said: ” This happened this morning. It was unexpected and although I didn’t enjoy it, this is what I’ve learnt this from it.”

Take three things into account to actively control your mind set.

Everything that happens to you is neutral.  It is YOU who attach the emotion to it. You have control and it is important that you don’t let someone else hijack your emotions. Don’t become a hostage to their emotions.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE and you have the power to make it a positive one.

From this moment on, I give you permission to make that choice..!

Take time out to breathe. Look at the situation and find perspective. If you respond impulsively, you will not be considering all of the FACTS.

Once you have uncovered all the facts, then the decision will become obvious.

Call on your true beliefs and stay true to yourself.
Having INTEGRITY is a trait that is so often lost when you lose control of your mind set. This is your most valuable asset, so use it all the time.

People around you will appreciate you for it – even if they don’t agree with the final decision.

A Simple Habit

 Where’s Your Head At..?Changing the way you look at things is a simple habit with extraordinary benefits all round.

If your original actions didn’t work out, then don’t worry.  It is great Learning for your next decision

Remember to start from Neutral, uncover all the Facts, and call upon your Integrity.

The final decision – and your next decision – will be better for it..!