An Integrus Family Christmas…

Sitting around for Christmas lunch with Mum, Dad, Julie, and Stu
Working out the family colours, there’s one yellow, red, green and blue!

Dad’s the life and soul and clearly a yellow,
mum’s a green, she’s really chilled and always super mellow.

Not much stresses mum and she supports us all,
when we’re having a tough time she’s the one we call.

Dad will get the party started and crank the music up loud
Then he’ll start the dad dancing and really make us proud, NOT!

Julie likes to win whenever we play a game
If she loses she can get in a strop which really is a shame.

Stu will be reading the instructions and researching something new
That’s just the kind of thing he really loves to do.

So, this Christmas with your family when personalities might have clashed,
grab the gin and add some tonic and just get quietly smashed!

by Linda x