Oops – your Integrity is showing…!

What do people actually think of you..?

I’m not just talking about your clients – I’m talking about everyone you interact with, your family, your friends, and your clients.
If you were to ask them, what one word would you expect them to use in a description of you..?

Action : Make that list now…!

Is the word integrity on that list?Oops – your Integrity is showing…!

Very often, for those of us in the business world, we fail to appreciate the power integrity brings to everything that we do.

Integrity is best defined by what people think about us AFTER we have left the room.

If you have strong integrity, just like a strong beam of light, it will shine through every one of your actions.

If you are in business, let me ask you a quick question….

When did you last decline a customer?

I’m not talking about them telling you “NO – they don’t want your product”,

I am asking, when did YOU make a decision to decline a potential sale..?
If you are one of the few people who have declined a customer, what did you actually say to them..?

Did you say: “We don’t do product”, and leave it at that.
Or, did you say: “What we do is not going to be the best solution for you and your business needs.”

REMEMBER : You have lost the deal anyway, so at least bow out with INTEGRITY and in an elegant way..!

If you think: “Well,  I don’t care – its one more sale for me in the bag, so I will grab it”, then there is a really good chance that the customer will be dis-satisfied at some stage in the future.

And, unhappy customers tell loads of people that they are unhappy.
So before you know it, your integrity and your reputation is in tatters.

Your lost customers can still promote you

If you respond with integrity, then even if the current customer does not buy your product, they will spread good news about you and your business to everyone else who they know.
That might open up new and more enduring clients for you.

You see, integrity in business, when clearly visible to everyone is quite a unique experience.
It’s one that people will be happy to talk about to everyone they meet – and so promote you and your business

Take these 2 Steps to Increase your Success

  • Replace “We don’t do that” with “I am not sure that what we do is going to be the best solution for your needs”
  • Review three or four other key phrases, and see if they allow your INTEGRITY to shine through…

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All content is uniquely created by Integrus Global staff, and is based upon the unique experience of The Harley Guy, Peter Sylvester.  It draws upon his 10 years at Harley-Davidson, and includes the very latest thinking on Behaviour Styles)