Successful Leaders are Gold Standard

Is your Business Gold Standard..?    Actually, delete that…
Are your People Gold Standard..?    Actually, delete that too.
How about your Customers then – are they Gold Standard…?  Hmmm…

Let’s get to the heart of the matter –

Are YOU Gold Standard..?

The “GOLD STANDARD” for your business, your people AND your customers starts with YOU – and here are four simple things which will help you lead your business to a Gold Standard performance.

Sport & Business

The business world is constantly driven by performance and results, much like elite sports.

In fact, when we think about elite sport, there are some striking parallels between them both; Motivation, Determination, Perseverance, Teamwork, Dealing with wins and losses, Establishing Strategies, and Achieving Goals and Targets that you set your mind racing, as well as your body.

So, the question is, why don’t all businesses succeed or exceed their expectations?

The answer is simple: not every business leader has the right mindset.

Mental Discipline

The biggest lesson we can learn from elite athletes is mental toughness – or more accurately, Mental Discipline.

It is this powerful mindset that allows them to train so hard for so long, and it keeps them coming back for more at every Olympics!

I’m sure you remember the 2016 Rio Olympics games? WOW!

Team GB exceeded all expectations…

  • Winning medals in 19 different sports,
  • Beating the home tally 4 years previously (which was already a new record),
  • Coming second in the overall table and
  • Out of 366 athletes that went, 129 returned with medals, (including every member of the 15 strong cycling team) to name but a few of the achievements!


 Successful Leaders are Gold Standard

How inspiring was that level of success?

Listening to the interviews after the events, all the athletes were talking about some very common themes.

They talked about WHY they had been successful and I think that there are even more great lessons for us to learn which we can apply to our own businesses.

Here are the 4 Things that I Promised You…

G for Goal

One of the first obvious ones is that they all had a really specific Goal – they were ‘Going for GOLD.’

They knew what they wanted to achieve and having a clear goal for your business is crucial. If you don’t have one, then how do you know where you are heading or what constitutes success?

If you don’t have a goal, then how do you know, when making a decision, what impact it will have on the future of your business?

Do you remember Ben Hunt-Davis and the GB Men’s Rowing Eight who won gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the then new philosophy of “ Will it make the boat go faster?” This was brilliant in its simplicity!

They thought, we have a clear Goal and every single element of what we do, in and out of the boat, is filtered through and looked at in terms of “does it help achieve the desired goal?”

Faster Boat..?

So, when you make a decision in your business, think to yourself, “what is my goal & does it make the boat go faster?” It seems like all of the various sports have taken to this approach in terms of preparation and the results are clear for all to see.

At INTEGRUS, we spend time working with people on visualising their goal.

You see, your mind is drawn to your dominant thought and if you can visualise that goal clearly, then the mind can’t help but look for ways to make it happen.

Many athletes spoke of how they always thought of themselves standing on that top step of the podium, with a medal around their neck, listening to the anthem and watching that flag being raised.

Can you see your goal as clearly?

O for Others

In every interview, there was always thanks to the other people who had helped make this happen – so it is clear that there is a large team of people working in the background.

“I couldn’t have achieved this medal without the help of everyone in behind the scenes. Thank you to my coach, my nutritionist, my family, my….. etc etc.”

Long story short, having a team around you who are giving you that level of support is crucial.

Whether it’s your staff, maybe strategic referral partners or even suppliers, it is key that they clearly understand:

  1. What you are doing,
  2. Why you are doing it and
  3. What you are trying to achieve

 Successful Leaders are Gold StandardThis ensures that everyone is pulling in the right direction and it will make things go so much easier!

I love Dave Brailsford’s Marginal Gains philosophy, where “if everyone in the team is looking for small changes across the board, this will help towards your main goal and it’s amazing the impact it can have on overall results.”

We have seen exactly this with British cycling and all 15 members coming home with medals, not to mention Team Sky at the moment, so there is value in this way of thinking!

At INTEGRUS, we have set up Leadership Development circles, making sure you have a trusted team around you to support you with your goals & challenges – and they are all pulling in the same direction..!

L for Longevity

Time and again, I have heard the athletes saying how all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears over the last 4 years had been worthwhile for this one moment.

A few who missed out in London 4 years back had actually been aiming for this success for 8 years!

 Successful Leaders are Gold Standard

This reminded me that success just doesn’t happen overnight.  No one is just born great and there is no short cut to hard work.

Success is all down to:

  1. Building successful habits
  2. Taking an action
  3. Seeing if that action is successful and then
  4. Repeating it over and over to make it a habit.

Often, we just keep doing things the way they have always been done and then we wonder why the results don’t change. It’s also so easy to get distracted, chasing the next “shiny object”.

When it comes to marketing, networking, building relationships, it’s all about putting in the time and effort over the long term. In business, building trust and credibility is crucial and that just takes time.

D for Determination

 Successful Leaders are Gold StandardThings will simply go wrong along the way.

We heard lots of stories of injuries, some really serious, or hurdles that knocked people off course.

The determination and vision that these athletes showed to overcome and to battle through them were really inspiring and powerful.

Never losing sight of the end Goal, especially when things don’t always go to plan, is key to success.

We need to accept that situations and circumstances will change and some things just won’t work out, but these shouldn’t stop us from moving forward. When things do go wrong, depending on your mindset, it’s often an opportunity for a fantastic learning experience!

In Summary – Go for GOLD

The business world is changing so quickly, we need to be aware of these changes and adapt to ensure we keep moving in the right direction. Having the right mindset and thinking for success is key.

G – Goal – be clear and visualise your future
O – Others – create a great team that knows how to support you
L – Longevity – success doesn’t happen overnight, put in the time
D – Determination – be passionate and positive, it will help you when the road gets bumpy

So how is your business looking right now?  More to the point…

How Are YOU Looking Right Now..?

 Successful Leaders are Gold Standard

If YOU show GOLD STANDARD LEADERSHIP, then your people, your customers and your business will all be WINNERS

Are You Ready for GOLD or are you just making up the numbers?

If you want to learn some invaluable lessons from the sporting world, get in touch and we can help you go for GOLD!

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