Why every Leader must know their DNA

Why every Leader must know their DNAI am a great believer in the work of Simon Sinek.

His book “Start with WHY” sets out a compelling case about how high value brands like Apple and Harley-Davidson manage to make their customers feel happy about the prices they are paying for their products – even though the competition can offer equivalent products and services much cheaper.

Having spent 10 years as Senior Vice-President with Harley-Davidson, I have a detailed understanding of not just a strong brand, but also high price – and even higher customer value.

As a professional speaker, I now travel the world, sharing those techniques with business owners of all sizes, showing them how THEY can apply those techniques, and increase the net worth of their business.

As part of the INTEGRUS academy programme, we help people discover that these super-charged techniques are not restricted to just large multi-national organisations.

EVERY business, large or small, regardless of sector, can make use of these techniques.

And its not just about your business WHY – I believe that you have to take it further.
You have to embrace WHY (x2).

Sinek explains that “People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It”.

Every business needs to analyse WHY their potential customers would benefit from buying their product as opposed to the competitions – and very often the final decision is not based on price.

In fact, I believe that price only features prominently in 11% of decision making- meaning that a massive 89% of people make decisions for other reasons.

With a little help from Influencers, some businesses are increasing their success rate from 1 in 10, to 4 in 10, 5 in 10 and even 8 in 10..!

So what do I mean by WHY (x2) ..?

I believe that you cannot understand and make changes to your business, without understanding your own, personal key driver – your own PERSONAL WHY...

Your Business WHY and your Personal WHY need to be closely interconnected – just like a strand of DNA.

As a business leader, you are not immune from the ups and downs of the business day, and your personal and professional success will be more easily achieved if your PERSONAL WHY, which incorporates your deeply held passions and beliefs, is there for you to draw upon when the road gets a little bumpy.

So – you need to have a BUSINESS WHY and also a PERSONAL WHY – and then you will be able to travel down that road to professional success and personal fulfilment far more easily.

Oh – and one last thing…

Why every Leader must know their DNAIf your PERSONAL WHY is to get rich quick, then both you – and your customers – are likely to be in for a very bumpy road ahead.

And neither of you will probably enjoy the ride..!

Peter Sylvester was Senior Vice-President International of Harley-Davidson Financial Services for 10 years.

He is the founder of Integrus Global, which helps business owners across Europe and the USA find the courage to make the change that they, and their businesses, need for a successful future.

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