Counterfeit or Authentic?

Have you ever seen counterfeit money? One of my first jobs was at a bank. They showed us an example of counterfeit money. We were given a special marker. With certain denominations, we were to draw a line across the money. If the line disappeared, then we knew the money was fake, a fraud, phony, worthless.

The value of money is directly related to its authenticity.

Have you ever met a counterfeit person? Some, you can see right away. Others are not as easy to recognize. They may come across well versed, well read and well dressed. However, something about them leaves you feeling uncomfortable. wouldn’t it be great to have a “special marker” for people?

So what about you? Are you authentic?

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Authenticity is very important to have and for some, very hard to achieve. At a very young age, we often learn that to be noticed, we need to be like someone else. We are sometimes compelled to imitate someone we respect or admire. As we get older, we try to develop habits and qualities that will make us a better person. In fact we sometimes will pay a lot of money for people to tell us how to act. We go to seminars, hire coaches and read books that will tell us how to be more like someone else, including what to wear and what to say.

And yet, being ourselves (authentic) has become the very best way to do business. It facilitates and fosters trust. When people trust you, they will continue to do business with you. But another benefit is they will also refer business to you.

So what can you do to become more authentic, more of who you are? First, find out a little about yourself. Many take self evaluations, tests or assessments. Find out what makes you tick. What is your wellspring? Your quicksand? What are the special talents or strengths do you possess? (Or contact us at Integrus, to find out what color you are!).

Next what do you stand for? What are your values? What are your immutable laws? By understanding yourself at this level, you will have a guide or measuring line for what you are ok with and what your not. It also allows you to make hard decisions, easier. If something doesn’t align with your values, you know it’s not a fit for you.

The more you practice being authentic, the easier it will become.

Your unique talents, skills and personality are what make you special and allow you to stand out. And just like real money, the value of you is in your authenticity.