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21 December 2022 | Book

Clarity is king. Words matter. Everyone has a story to tell.

Am I going to tell you that you should write a book? No, I most definitely won’t.

Real motivation is intrinsic motivation – all else is coercion.

Is there a good reason to want to write a book? Absolutely, there is! In fact, there are many good reasons for writing your book. So, it’s up to you to find your own reasons to be wanting to write your book. In any case – your book will open doors!

These are four good reasons, for example:

1. Content

  1. Transformation
  2. Resource
  3. Guidance

Let’s have a look as some of those reasons:

  • Writing a book sets you up for a huge amount of content that you could repurpose and recycle anywhere you want. This way round, you automatically ensure congruency, consistency in style, tone of voice, and – last but not least – structure.
  • Another good reason to want to write a book is that it transforms something in you. Writing in itself is transformational for you as an author, so not just for your readers.
  • Another good reason could be to create a reference resource for your past, current and future clients, obviously to leave a legacy, as in passing on your knowledge, your expertise, your message to the next generations.
  • Perhaps you have overcome hardship, and you wish to guide others to navigate similar issues in their lives. Many books have been written for that reason. And in my book, it’s a responsibility for entrepreneurs to share such valuable wisdom that gives people access to much-needed solutions.

 These are all internal reasons.

What about external reasons:

There are also fabulous more commercial, more practical and more strategic reasons for writing a book, such as:

  • Increasing credibility – people will see you differently as a published author
  • Making money
  • Build or boost your brand
  • Be regarded as an expert
  • Reaching a bigger audience
  • Distinguish you from the competition
  • An entry to other products and services

 Here’s my example:

The first book I wrote and published in Dutch was on a personal note, about adult sibling loss. My only sister died when she was 30, and that’s over 20 years ago. And it baffled me at the time that nothing had been written about sibling loss. There were some books in English, but none in Dutch. I was really amazed by that because nobody really talks about the sister or the brother that’s left un-siblinged. Everybody would ask me, you know, how are your parents, how awful for them, how dreadful for your brother in law, husband and all extremely valid questions. But my friends never even asked me how I was doing. Nothing was written about that. So, to cut a long story short, I decided to write the book that I would have wanted to have read at that time. And I think that’s one big reason to do that. Now, wouldn’t it be a crying shame if people would wait until such a traumatic life event takes place in their lives to start writing a book? Definitely.

When you’re an entrepreneur and you know your big reason to write a book, then my advice, my message is DON’T WAIT.

That actually brings me to another question that I hear a lot…

Who is waiting for your book?

 I get this question all the time. People are insecure about the value their book may or may not have. I only have questions for an answer:

  1. Who is doing the waiting?
  2. Why are you waiting?
  3. How can anyone be waiting for your book if you haven’t written it yet?

The point is: if you know your big book why… you will discover the writer in you. I am convinced about that.

Real motivation is intrinsic motivation – all else is coercion.

There is no time like the present 🎁 Wrapped present: book wrapped in a cover

Your book is never about you!

That’s a crucial realisation: Your Book is NEVER about You. It is about your promise to your readers. The promise you’re delivering on in your book.

Let’s look at the expertise and life lessons you have gained. Your main topic will not be unique, but you are. This is great – because your topic will resonate with many people, meaning many readers for your book.

You should definitely include your own personal story. Not only is that unique, but it makes your book highly attractive and digestible.

Book Writing Take Away

 So, to summarize:

  • Find your big reason for wanting to write a book.
  • Who’s waiting – don’t wait!
  • Share your wisdom
  • Contribute to others, and a better world
  • Make it personal

Your Communication Call to Action

 Find your big why for wanting to write your book. Use these questions to help you discover your big why:

  1. What would change for you and your business if you write your book?
  2. How many people will continue to suffer if you don’t write your book?
  3. Which doors will open for you as a published author?
  4. How many lives will your book change for the better?
  5. How important is leaving a legacy for you?

And, don’t forget: your book will open doors!

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