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In his 10 years as a Senior Vice-President of Harley-Davidson internationally, Peter established 17 joint venture arrangements in the UK, Europe and Australia, and worked with 700 businesses to establish their successful Business Plans. He has now used that expertise to combine the power of emotion branding (Harley-style) with robust, proven business planning processes to create the 12 Integrus Keys to Success™, which can be applied to businesses large or small, on a worldwide basis.

Successful Leaders are Gold Standard

Is your Business Gold Standard..?    Actually, delete that... Are your People Gold Standard..?    Actually, delete that too. How about your Customers then - are they Gold Standard...?  Hmmm... Let's get to the heart of the matter - Are YOU Gold Standard..? The "GOLD STANDARD" for your business, your…


Donald Trump swept to power on the back of a claim that he is “the worlds greatest deal-maker” – but do his latest actions make him the “Worlds Greatest Influencer” or does it make him, as many people believe, the “Worlds Greatest Manipulator”. INFLUENCE is Everywhere The word “INFLUENCE” is…